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You know, it's a blog? So blog me."

Book Launch Update for HENRY HITS THE BALL 

So now Stillwater Books in Pawtucket has HENRY HITS THE BALL, my latest work, in stock and for sale in anticipation of its launch at Stillwater April 20. 

HENRY HITS THE BALL tells the story of Henry Brademeier, who can hit a baseball better than anyone who’s ever played the game. He just can’t play the game. It’s my first mainstream novel, so I’m giving it a baptism with a party. We already have our list of odd points of baseball history - related to Henry’s story as well as my own - to use in our trivia contest. I await the delivery of the prizes; navy-blue T-shirts with the message “BEN MONDOR IS ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE” defiantly displayed in BOSOX font. 

Stillwater will be selling the shirts, as well as HENRY. They also stock all of my RED RACECAR books for kids. There will be refreshments straight out of the bleachers, and I’ll be signing books, of course. 

Should be fun. Stillwater Books is at 175 Main St. in Pawtucket, RI, the future former home of Ben Mondor's Pawsox.

Racing Season? 

They keep saying winter is ending. I'll believe it when I get to head to a racetrack to see some racing. Then I'll have something to write about.

Yeah, I know NASCAR's already racing on TV. I'm not excited. First of all, TV on a Sunday's for winter. But even more so because - well - as the Cup series gets more and more muddled by contrived rules and other boogedy-boogedy baloney, it seems to deliver less and less racing.

So, again: More power, less tire, shorter races, all will make NASCAR relevant for more than selling beer and batteries. In the meantime, I await opening days at the shorttracks, road courses and MX-circuits around my neck of the woods..See you there.

Booklovers show at Cumberland, RI libary 

They say it's "...a venue for local authors to gain exposure, sell books and build relationships with their audience." The expo also is at a pretty cool place. The Cumberland library is located in an old monastery. The ghosts of long-dead monks cast unseen shadows on the walls. So come say hi, talk some racing, build a relationship with me and meet some other authors with great stories to share. And maybe catch a glimpse of a long-gone past


I've been working away on GO FAST. BE SMART!  the latest of my RED RACECAR SPEED READERS.

It follows Tyler Means, the hero of my first two SPEED READERSRACING JUNK and TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT. In RACING JUNK, Tyler starts out patching a racing kart together out of a frame he finds in a pile of scrap metal. He then proves his skills and talent not only racing on road courses but, in TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT,  on a dirt oval he'd never even thought about.  

GO FAST. BE SMART! will give him a chance to race a "real racecar," a dirt midget like the ones he loves to watch on TV. He'll actually meet some of the midget hotshoes that my original young-adult novel, THE RED RACECAR. introduced to more experienced readers. So, a reader can finish all three SPEED READERS and then move up to the RED RACECAR books.

By then they can go racing!

I won't be making it to the Swap N' Sell 

Due to the forecasts of nasty weather, I've decided I can't make it to the Automotive Swap N' Sell at the Big E in West Springfield, MA., this weekend.

I always enjoy this show and get some books in the hands of a few kids, but I also travel from home each day. Sunday looks like a mess, especially exactly where I'd need to travel.

My apologies. If you did intend to look me up to get a book, be aware that SHIPPING IS NOW FREE ON ALL ORDERS PLACED THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.

No need for you to chance the trip this weekend, either.


As of the beginning of 2019, all orders placed on theredracecar.com will offer FREE SHIPPING!

We've got new books listed, too, including the first two RED RACECAR "SPEED READERS" for newer readers. Check 'em out..

The Rhode Island Authors' Expo  

It's that time again. The Rhode Island Authors' Expo finally is here. It happens at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston, this Saturday, December 1, from 10am until 5pm. 

Of course, I'm there to sign and sell books. I also like getting together with other writers to see how everyone's doing. And the selection of books is impressive, with quality in almost every popular genre. 

The list would have been more impressive if my latest RED RACECAR SPEED READER, TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT, was available for sale. Unfortunately, it remains in production, so I'll have to debut it at January's Automotive Swap & Sell at the Big E in West Springfield, Mass.

No to the Exeter Fall Festival 

It turns out that I will not be able to participate in this year's Exeter Fall Festival, October 13. My apologies to anyone hoping to see me there. My next appreance is with ARIA's Authors' Expo, December 1 at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet in Cranston, RI.

See "Where is Thom" for details. Just ignore the previous listing.


I don't make it a habit of watching Monster Energy Cup races. Now even NASCAR and the tracks are admitting that more and more racefans are breaking the habit themselves. So they keep looking for innovative ways to create more exciting racing - or sometimes, any racing at all. Like stages, you know?

Had you ever heard of a roval? I guess Charlotte introduced this hybrid between road course and oval to bring all the excitement of road racing to stock cars. But most stock car fans I know consider road racing boring, so I don't know what Charlotte was thinking.

I thought Charlotte already had a road-course loop. Many ovals have some sort of road-course as part of its whole operation. NHMS, a mile, combines pieces of its oval with a road course extending outside of it. Superspeedways like Daytona routinely are built with road-course sections in the infield. The track's 24-hour road race is an important part of its Speedweeks racing extravaganza.  Indeed, Thompson in Connecticut is busy every weekend with some sort of road racing event now that it rejuvenated its road-course.

But I've said it before, and I'll (need to) say it again. You want better racing? How about better cars? Fans don't need to believe (falsely) that NASCAR drivers are racing cars like the ones in the parking lot. And how about shorter races? Admit it, NASCAR. You lengthened races to sell more ads. No, a 200-mile race, and 300 on superspeedways, will make the racing better, not worse. Sure, there'll be fewer ads, but maybe more fans will see them.

Thompson's Summer mid-week special... 

...is Wednesday evening, otherwise known as August 8.  I'm there with books to sign, including my new chapter-book, RACING JUNK, and RING AROUND RACING, a collection of my favorite and most newsworthy newspaper columns, magazine feature-stories and other odds and ends I wrote covering motorsports at very level. Plus the books of the RED RACECAR series, of course. I'll be set up behind the front-straight grandstands, continually trying to sneak a peek at the action on the track.

Check it out. It's modifieds and midgets and -- oh my! Rain date is Thursday evening, but let's not think about that.