Yeah, I'm back. Let's do this now.

Yeah, I need to apologize for not keeping this up. I won't use the excuse of the day (Year? Years?). In fact, I'm going to try to avoid that less-than-favorite subject entirely. After all, what does disease have to do with racing, other than our being addicted to racing? Not that I'm bringing THAT subject up.

What I do want to bring up was that season-opener for NASCAR, the one at the football stadium. Now, I wrote years ago in my long-gone magazine Shorttrack  that the Cup series (I forget what sponsor's Cup series. Who can keep up, and besides, who cares?) would do well to run a shorttrack race, a real shorttrack event, with heat races, a consi for non-qualifiers, before a feature of maybe 100 laps tops. But I meant that they run it on an actual shorttrack. I suggested Bristol. Instead we get that mess of a racetrack that discouraged racing in the hope of exposing Los Angelinos to something of which they're already well aware. But remember; $$$

And then they talked about it as if it was a revolution, instead of something that happens at a ton of tracks across the country every weekend, some of whom payed money to call themselves a "NASCAR track." 

I'm not impressed. 


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