I haven't posted to my blog since September? No excuse for that.

I did want to praise Fox Sports for this past Sunday's presentation of Miller High Life 400 race-coverage from 1986. I know Fox Sports-1 had I-racing with current Cup drivers competing. A cool idea, too, but it paled in comparison to Sunday's Fox race. I mean, Dale Earnhardt? Richard Petty? Bill Elliot? Bobby and Davey Allison?

And it was true shorttrack racing. Richmond was real. It wasn't a 21st century mega stadium. It was a shorttrack, rough, short, grizzled, historic and tight as a better with his last buck. And the cars? Tanks compared to today's slick cup cars.

Ken Squier and Benny Parsons, long gone from our lives as well as from racing, talked often about how racing at Richmond is a battle every inch of the way around it. There hardly was a straight body-panel left after the race saw the checkered. And yet nobody was complaining or pitching their helmets at a passing car. They just raced, taking what they had to and giving what they could.

NASCAR could learn a thing or two -- from itself! 

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