MX? Really?

It's cool to see so much motocross on NBC in recent weeks. I would, if given a choice,  definitely prefer motocross to "supercross," a marketing term if I ever heard one. Really. I think it's like calling miniature golf "supergolf." It's just an imitation of what happens on a real MX track, although it's not as bad as selling that silly "shorttrack" racing from the LA Coliseum as real shorttrack racing.

And then NASCAR races at Bristol - after they cover it with dirt to make a "dirt track," even though there are legendary dirt tracks all across the country that would have hosted much better racing, not that the ending wasn't fun. But again, Bristol - paved Bristol - should have been where they hosted the LA-style shorttrack show of heats, consis and features.

I bet there would have been more fans in the stands.

And while there's supercross at Gillette Stadium, we're holding out for a trip to an actual MX track in Southwick, Middleboro or Baldwinville MA or Central Village in Connecticut. "cause, you can't go faster in midair."

Still, those guys are wild, and it was fun to switch back and forth between the supercross and a hockey game. Funny, too, after I put down putting down dirt on Bristol's pavement for Cup cars they set up a supercross track at Atlanta Motor Speedway. With that much room they dumped out, I gotta admit, the best supercross track I've ever seen.

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