Spring is here!

Yeah, I know. It's summer. I spent the Memorial Day weekend mowing grass, putting in screens on our porch, dragging out and cleaning the grille; you know, stuff you do in April.

Maybe that's why I haven't even made a race yet. I've also been finishing up the first of my new RED RACECAR "SPEED READER" books, RACING JUNK, the story of a kid who tries to rebuild a kart he pulls from a pile of metal-scrap, hoping he can race it.

The SPEED READER series is for younger readers, kids still mastering the art, and any racefan who wants a quick and entertaining read. We hope to have RACING JUNK out by the time I hit Seekonk Speedway for Open Wheel Wednesday June 27. Check and see. After all, it's midgets racing at Seekonk. I mean, c'mon!

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