Oops, didn't mean to take the month off.

Now that summer effectively is over, though, I'm happy because fall is my favorite time of year. It's the best riding season, for one thing.

In that vein, I'll be heading out to the Spencer, MA, Fairgrounds Sunday (9/11) to take in Rice-O-Rama, the annual lovefest for vintage Japanese motorcycles. There's a show for trailer queens and other priceless gems, but I'm interested in the junk spread out on blankets. In particular I'll be looking for a gas tank to fit the 1971 Yamaha AT-1 motocrosser  I raced (check out the photo in the photo page). It's being restored by high school students at MTTI, a school for technicians that offers a "tech-prep" program for "yoot," at the direction of my brother Ward, the school's pres. Those kids have restored some special vintage MXers, and theiy're doing a beautiful job on the Yammie, but WE NEED A TANK!

I'll also be on the lookout for a brake pedal that will clear the pipes on the Yamaha XS2 I'm restoring. It's got later-model headers dumping into aftermarket mufflers. The combo doesn't leave much room for a brake pedal, so I need one in a particular convoluted shape (look it up!).

I also have this fantasy that the red-and white XS2 would look great with vintage accessories, namely a white handlebar-mounted faring and set of saddlebags. If you go and you see me looking any over, drag me away quickly.

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