Return to racecars!

Retirement is different for athletes than  it is for everyone else. I hope that applies to racers as well.

A couple of big-time veteran drivers have announced their "retirement" in the last couple of seasons. What did they mean? Specifically, they stepped out of their rides in America's top racing series, the NASCAR (insert name of paying sponsor here) Cup Series. Yet, despite what many - if not most - racefans in this country would have you believe, NASCAR does not equal racing. If you know me, you know what's coming: It ain't even da best.

What's better? Well, for me, just about everything else. There's more action, more skill, more courage, more speed - heck, more of all that good stuff, in Indy cars, sprinters, midgets, supers, late models...Did I leave anything out? If I did, include it for me.

I think Tony Stewart would. I've maintained for years that his decision to drive a cup car was a financial one, not a sporting one. Indy cars, sprint cars, midgets; together they likely make up his list of favorites. I want to see him back at Indy. I'd like to see him at the Copper Classic, or the Chili Bowl. Likewise Jeff Gordon. Ever see those pictures of the skinny kid with the even-skinnier mustache, climbing into a sprinter? That kid could drive.

Already, we see Juan Pablo Montoya signing a one-race deal to drive at Indy. That's a good start. Here's hoping these guys all go back to racing for the fun of it. It'll only mean more fun for us.

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