So, after a couple of weekends out-straight or out of town, I'm home last weekend on a rainy Sunday.
Normally, I'm not a fussy TV viewer. That's why we don't have cable. Paying for channels I won't watch is a waste.
So, there I am at home, and I see that NASCAR, F-1 and Indy Car all are racing today. Great! And then I see; NASCAR on FoxSports, F-1 on NBCSN, and Indy Car (my fave) is on -- what, CNBC? Isn't that a business station?

And why couldn't NBC have had the race on its main network? Because they were covering womens' golf! Really? There are more fans wanting to watch women playing golf than an Indy Car race? Now, I have nothing against women. It's golf I hate. I mean, isn't racing the one sport that matches women against men? And with no quarter asked or granted? Who are these do-nothings who prefer to watch somebody hit a ball across a lawn to witnessing racing neck and neck at 200+? C'mon. Golf is boring to play, never mind watching others do it. Of course, 500 miles flat out doesn't exactly move me to the edge of my seat.

Time to hit a shorttrack. See you Saturday at Waterford Speedbowl? Midgets and supers -- Oh, my!

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