Off to Thompson

So, I'm over to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (phew! Let me catch my breath!) this weekend to check out the Vintage Oval Invitational. It'll be a delightful jaunt over the hills to Thompson on my vintage Yamaha Triple before I get to wade into a selection of old late models, modifieds, supers and midgets, many of which raced on Thompson's 5/8-mile oval when there was nothing vintage about them. The same could have been said about me at one time.

I plan to make all of Thompson's vintage meets this year. The vintage event for road racing happens June 23 and 24. A day later there's a one-day meet for vintage motorcycles. I'm still hoping to make the maiden voyage on my '72 Yamaha twin that day, if its restoration's been completed.

I love these events. Everyone's having fun, there's not really any competition, and you get to see some real works of racing art. I just know I'll see something I never have laid eyes on before, even if it first raced when I was a young lad. I can't wait.

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