My Favorite Tracks (sung to the tme of "My Favorite Things"

Is it March? Really? Spring is coming?
Then so is the racing!
I'm starting to make plans for what tracks I'll visit in 2016. That means they're in the Northeast, because I am, and they're shorttracks, because I am a shorttrack fan.
Most of my planning revolves around opportunities to get THE RED RACECAR books out there in the hands of guys who'll enjoy reading them. That means I have to think about what kind of deal I can get to set up a table and if I think it will be worth it. But that's not the only reason I go. I go to see racing. So, let me tell you about the tracks where I think the racing is the best, plus some other exciting factors to consider:

My favorite? Seekonk Speedway. Not only is it the first shorttrack I ever attended, it continues to offer the best shows. Why? First, it's close to a lot of people. That means lots of racers, lots of fans, and lots of money to share with winners. The car counts are among the highest anywhere, the cars, top-dollar rides. But the big reason I like Seekonk is - well - the racing. Seekonk is a quarter-mile oval that's probably a third of a mile on the outside. Further, it's almost a circle. That's how you drive it, anyway.
Like that photo-finish at Daytona this year?. You can see something like that almost any Saturday at Seekonk - - three times!
I like New Hampshire's Star Speedway for a lot of the same reasons, the track itself, that is. But it's a mildly-odd shape, almost a "D." And it's a line and a half, wider than one car needs but not wide enough for two. Love those limited Supers, too. Which is one thing to like about Lee USA Speedway nearby. They're within miles of each other, plus New England Dragway is in the neighborhood. Sounds like a weekend to me.
Listen, if you want as close to bigtime as a shorttrack gets, go to Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut. Big track (a half-mile) big car-counts, and the best cars in the region. Or go to Thompson in the northeastern corner of the state. Thompson is expanding, with a brand new road course shadowing the ruins of one that closed 40 years ago. Both shorttracks are good options.
So is Waterford in the southern part of the state. A more modest venue than its Connecticut neighbors, it still offers great racing. Oh, modifieds every race at all three tracks.
Beech Ridge in southern Maine also is a first-class facility, and the racing is great.
Thunder Road in Vermont is another first-class facility. The racing is always good, but if you haven't been there for one of its Milk Bowl events, get there.It's three features with the top overall finisher rewarded with the chance to kiss a cow.
Finally, if you want to see motocross, see it at Southwick in Massachusetts. It's the region's only national-level track, and it's where you'll find the biggest jump in New England.


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