It's Monday...

...and it was quite a weekend. Both of Thompson Speedway('s Motorsports Park)'s vintage events on the road course presented a feast for the eyes. However, curiously enough, some of the best eye-candy could be found in the spectators' parking lot, not in the garages.

Plenty of aficionados took advantage of the sun (when they could) to roll out their favorite toys and make their way to Thompson in or on it. This was particularly true on Sunday, the best day of the weekend, when hordes of bikes of every description and persuasion could be seen. And that's not even including the bikes that rolled past the lot and joined the collecting machines on hand for the "bike show." Didn't see any semblance of critical judging going on, but boy, it was a show. Either of my bikes, my '78 Yamaha triple and '72 650 twin, would have been right at home there, but we couldn't get the 650 done in time to make it debut.

The bike meet was a disappointment from the standpoint of racetrack activity. Only a few race bikes were on hand, and most ran together in a class that didn't seem very vintage. To a lesser degree, the same was true of the sports cars, although a few absolutely sparkled.

Oh well. There's always next year.

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