Indy Cars in Boston - NOT!

Even when it seemed this was actually going to happen, I didn't really believe it. And now, it isn't.

I get a kick out of the reasons this shouldn't happen by the people who didn't want it. The fact is if you want less pollution from autos, the race would be a good way to accomplish it. After all, 24 racecars burning alcohol would pollute less than the cars driving on these same streets on Labor Day.  Yeah, I know about the spectators' cars driving to the event, just as they do for every game at Fenway or the Fleet Center or the marathon or any other attraction in the city. Oh, and "the destruction of the roads." Right. They leave the roads in better shape than they find them.

Of course, we no longer need facts to make an argument. You just have to make the most noise. 

IndyCar says it has two other cities interested in hosting the race - one in New England. Years ago, Providence expressed an interest in hosting IndyCar. That'd work for me. For one thing, the city has some great roads for this..I know. I've driven them.

But I wasn't speeding. Honest, Officer.

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