Hot Wagons

Worked the Ty-Rods swap meet at Stafford Speedway October 18.
It's great to sell books (as if I needed to tell you that), but there are plenty more reasons to attend an automotive swap meet for me. I usually don't get more than one chance to roam the booths myself, but here's always interesting people going by, carrying pickup bumpers or an old car door or some  other awkward booty that threatens to knock over anyone who's not careful as they pass by.
One thing I've never really given much thought to are the wagons folks tow to load with stuff. There's the usual plastic units you'd buy at Toys R Us, plus various hand-trucks and carts. But, you know, there are plenty of tinkerers who can't leave their carts alone - or they build something from scratch. I swear, they could have a show just for them. I recall one guy who took a rusty old Radio Flyer wagon and dropped it down to an inch off the ground. He set the wheels in front of and behind the wagon box. It was a rat wagon.
Another guy installed a wooden box on the arms of a wheelchair. His disabled dad dragged himself along behind him (just kidding). My favorite was the Radio Flyer with the fully-suspended tubular chassis installed under it. When I complimented the guy pulling it, he said "He did it," and pointed behind him to a kid who looked to be 12 years old or so.
In ten years I'll be looking to see what custom car this kid builds.

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