I've been working away on GO FAST. BE SMART!  the latest of my RED RACECAR SPEED READERS.

It follows Tyler Means, the hero of my first two SPEED READERSRACING JUNK and TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT. In RACING JUNK, Tyler starts out patching a racing kart together out of a frame he finds in a pile of scrap metal. He then proves his skills and talent not only racing on road courses but, in TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT,  on a dirt oval he'd never even thought about.  

GO FAST. BE SMART! will give him a chance to race a "real racecar," a dirt midget like the ones he loves to watch on TV. He'll actually meet some of the midget hotshoes that my original young-adult novel, THE RED RACECAR. introduced to more experienced readers. So, a reader can finish all three SPEED READERS and then move up to the RED RACECAR books.

By then they can go racing!

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