Fun Cars

If you know me, you know I like little racecars; like midgets, of course, but also stuff like Pro-Four mods, Formula Vees, mini-sprints powered by wailing motorcycle engines - that sort of thing. 
And mini stocks. Mini stocks usually are the entry level at any track where they race. But there is a tour that visits New England tracks like Lee USA Speedway, The Speedbowl in Waterford, CT, Oxford Plains in Maine and Claremont, NH. And what a surprise it was to see a bunch of these guys road racing on the new course in Thompson, CT. April 30. More accurately, it was awesome simply to see that they actually did it, as part of the Northeast Mini-Stock Tour.  
I’ve come to realize that in racing small often delivers bigger fun than big does, and for less cash. I’d think it would be a blast to travel to races on a variety of tracks with a car that doesn’t break the bank to race, and being able to go wring the car out on a road course. 
Like a Formula Vee driver told me last year at Thompson as his class undercarded the first race of a new open-wheel racing series for cars that cost over 100-grand.  
“I paid seven grand for this car, and I bet we’re having more fun that those guys are.” 
I best he was right. 

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