Driving Me Crazy

Drivers, that is. Want a lesson in safe driving? Don't speed. That seems to be the only thing you can get pulled over for. And no, I didn't. It's just that I keep seeing drivers do all kinds of crazy things, and none of them seem to matter.
Like running red lights. No one used to run red lights. They might try to "pinch" a light, racing under a yellow light to beat the red. But virtually every day I watch someone blast through an obviously red light. Twice -- twice! - I've watched a car with plenty of time to stop drive right through the light  -- with a cop sitting there watching, and the cop did nothing.
Today I sat at a stop sign waiting for a school bus blocking the intersection to move, and two cars behind me drove around me as well as the rear of the bus, driving blindly into the oncoming lane.  No, no cop there. But so what? People just seem to write their own traffic laws. I only wish they knew what to do in a four-way intersection.

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