I saw something I've never seen before during Thompson Speedway's oval-track event September 10.

It's not unusual to see a racecar join the tail end of a different division's lineup and run a lap or two to shake out the car while that different division gets ready to race. Always, though, the odd car, trailing the field by half a lap, gets off the track before the green flag flies, or at least as soon as possible afterwards.

At Thompson I saw two instances where the oddball car just kept lapping by itself long after the race on the track had started.

That was bad enough for the modffied that tailed the limited-sportsman race. Hey -- it was a mod, and they always get star treatment -- as well they might.

But later a mini stock did the same thing at the start of the lite-modified race. And stayed out there. And stayed out there and stayed out there. In fact, the field of mods closed on the mini quickly and overtook it racing into turn-three as the mini looked to escape into Thompson's infield pit-row.

Is this something new? What if the oddball car stalled out, or slid into the wall, ripping water or oil lines or spreading debris in the path of an actual race? I'd think there would be a better way.  

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