Boy, Am I due!

It's been an interesting week doing some uninteresting stuff.  I took the week off to work on my house, and some of the problems getting it done would have worked great in a comedy. Like, going to clean a brush filled with paint and turning on the faucet to NO water. Like driving out of my way to go to a certain hardware store to find it gone - even through he company's website said it was still there.

It started out at a swap meet at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, where I sold a few books and got a tremendous sunburn on my face. The swap meet there was a bonanza more for people looking for old stuff than for anything new, like, say,  books. The event started at 6AM, which some folks like - evidently. They arrive early to get a jump on everyone looking for stuff that I'd guess must be rare. But c'mon. Two hundred smackers for an old cardboard Coke sign?

I get a kick out of some of these early birds. You show up to grab something before anyone can buy it out from under you - and then you're looking for a deal.

Another thing I observed, for you scooterists and skateboardists out there. Someone in your school should teach you about mechanical advantage. There's a reason the gears connected to the pedals on your bike are bigger than the ones at its rear wheel.  It's to make moving easier. Guys on razor-scooters seem to working harder than folks walking. When I was a kid we looked for the steepest hills to riding down on skateboards we built out of boards and roller-skates. Now speed evidently bores skateboarders.. Same guys who drift, I guess. For some, it's all about style.

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