This is to let you know that I've decided to discontinue my emailings to this list for a number of reasons.

Primarily, as I expand other sources for my musings, I'm finding that most of what I have to say I also include on the blog to be found on this website as well as on my Facebook page. The redundancy will only get worse as I recently agreed to be a contributor with RaceChasersOnline and also plan to contribute a number of stories as a senior editor for Late Model Racer magazine.

Further, I've noticed that mostĀ folks onĀ the email list don't even open most of what I send out.
I apologize for any inconvenience this decision might cause, but I'll still have plenty to say, on the blog on this page, on RaceChaserOnline and its cousin, the Performance Motorsports Network, and in the pages of Late Model Racer. Both of the latter will have plenty of other stuff good to read. Check them out.

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