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Yeah, but what has there been to write about? It's April, the Icebreaker already happened at Connecticut's Thompson Speedway ("Motorsports Park"), and they actually had to -- break ice!

But the racing season has come to New England whether it's ready or not. And I'm making plans to hit at least the tracks in my neck of the woods to sell THE RED RACECAR books. Right now I plan to return to Seekonk Speedway, likely for its Open Wheel Wednesday show in June. Unofficial visits always are on the agenda. After all, I'm a still a fan, and Seekonk still is special..

Thompson's summer midweek show in August is a planned destination as well. I'm at Thompson for all sorts of events, oval track racing on its 5/8-mile oval, road racing by cars and bikes, and a couple of neat vintage shows. I hope to ride one of my vintage Yamahas to the motorcycle event in June. I'll throw some books in my bags, if you see me.

I'd also like to return to Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut. I don't care about the guy who owns it. Plenty of fine people put on a pretty fine race show there -- have for decades. I'd like to return for its own open-wheel show. I'm partial to open-wheel racing. Fenders are for Hyundais.

I'd love to get up to New Hampshire this year -- and maybe Vermont as well. Bear Ridge in Vermont would be perfect. The cover of The Red Racecar was modeled after a photo of me from Bear Ridge (Check the "Stuff to Look At" page). As for New Hampshire, I sure would like to visit Star Speedway again -- maybe for the Star Classic.

This July, in a first, I plan to set up at "The Wick," the motocross track in Southwick, Mass. It's another track where I've raced, although the term "raced" is a generous description. I barely survived. Motocross is hard!

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