A Chili Bowl cold shoulder

The Chili Bowl, the most important racing event of the year for midgets, begins tonight. It happens down in Tulsa, OK indoors, but miles away from me.

I often go to a party to watch the Daytona 500. Not that I'm crazy about 500-mile stock car races. Do you remember the year they had to patch a hole in the racetrack? Our host turned to the Chili Bowl on another network. I was sorry when the stock car race took the green again. The excitement level definitely fell a mile - maybe 500 miles

But catching it again will be a challenge. Talk about obscure sources. According to the Chili Bowl website:

"Viewing: Online PPV of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals is available onĀ www.racinboys.com until the event goes live on Saturday night on MAVTV. Along with the live telecast on Saturday night, the event will also be shown on the all new www.lucasoilracing.tv".

Gee, and we can watch all the soccer we can stand! For me, that's not much.

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