Yeah, folks, my latest Red Racecar SPEED READER, GO FAST. BE SMART!, has finally been released, completing the three-book SPEED READER  series..

It follows our karting hero, Tyler Means, as he gets the chance to race an actual racecar, a midget, the fastest things on dirt. It's a dream come true, but it's also a chance to face the best racers he's ever raced, in a car with more power than a whole starting lineup of karts. Talk about getting an education!

Expect to see it on display when I visit Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park August 14 for the King of Beers 150 for modifieds. If you haven't started reading the first book in the Series, RACING JUNK, or the second, TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT, we should have book sets on hand as well. These are short stories, meant to be "easy reading."

Check them all out on our homepage here.

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