Leaving the house; eating out - breakfast, lunch or dinner; swap meets and car shows; motorcycle rides that can head to somewhere; and, of course, racing. Seekonk or Waterford on a Saturday night, Stafford or - say - Lee on…


Distance Racing?

Of all the sports that might be able to get started again before we're completely back to "normal," you'd think auto racing would be at the top of the list. If the experts figure golfers can keep far enough away…



I haven't posted to my blog since September? No excuse for that.

I did want to praise Fox Sports for this past Sunday's presentation of Miller High Life 400 race-coverage from 1986. I know Fox Sports-1 had I-racing with…


Mike Stefanik

Was shocked to learn that driver Mike Stefanik was killed in a crash of a small airplane September 15, one day short of two years after another New England racing legend, Ted Christopher, lost his life in another airplane-accident.



Yeah, folks, my latest Red Racecar SPEED READER, GO FAST. BE SMART!, has finally been released, completing the three-book SPEED READER  series..

It follows our karting hero, Tyler Means, as he gets the chance to race an actual…


Go Fast. Be Smart!

The latest entry in my Speed Reader series featuring young racer Jason Merlo continues to present issues prior to publication.

I won't get into the details. It'll only get me ripped again. Just know that the book's been done…


...On Two Wheels

Yeah, this is how I entertain myself these days.

My oldest bike, the 1972 Yamaha XS2, finally is on the road, after I sorted out the last couple of items on the rebuild-list. This is a vertical twin 650cc…


Woonsocket Library Appearance

Saturday, June 1, I'll be signing and selling at the Woonsocket, RI, Library.

I know I don't often do appearances at libraries or bookstores. I've found that the kids I want to read my racing books don't go to…


Indy WAY better than you know what...

I don't know how anyone could watch Sunday's Indy 500 and then NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 and come away thinking that stock cars provide better racing.

Of course, Indy cars are faster, better-handling, better braking, and - well -  better…



I think this is turning into an annual rant. But I think it's a good one, and worth considering. So here goes.

I grew up in Seekonk. It's a little town in eastern Mass., that isn't known for much…


Book Launch Update for HENRY HITS THE BALL

So now Stillwater Books in Pawtucket has HENRY HITS THE BALL, my latest work, in stock and for sale in anticipation of its launch at Stillwater April 20. 

HENRY HITS THE BALL tells the story of Henry Brademeier, who…


Racing Season?

They keep saying winter is ending. I'll believe it when I get to head to a racetrack to see some racing. Then I'll have something to write about.

Yeah, I know NASCAR's already racing on TV. I'm not excited…