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our first SPEED READER adventure:

RACING JUNK: What's the story?

TYLER MEANS would love to race any kind of car he could get his hands on, but with his dad confined to a wheelchair and unable to work, his family is struggling just to pay the bills. Then Tyler finds an old race kart in a pile of scrap metal. The adventure comes as Tyler tries to turn the kart into a competitive racer again, even though he has little money and even less of an idea how to do it.

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TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT: What's the Story?

Tyler Means is a road racer. At least that’s what he thinks. Not for him those long races on giant circle-tracks where the drivers roll around and around in circles for hours on end. When he finally puts together his own racing kart, he doesn’t even consider racing anywhere but the two road courses near his home. Then he gets a chance to race at a dirt-oval racetrack he didn’t even know existed, and he finds out he shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss ALL oval-track racing as boring. In fact, he finds excitement on a dirt track he never even imagined. Besides, he’s pretty fast!


Author Thom Ring earns a victory-lap at Pomfret Speedway in Connecticut.

Author Thom Ring earns a victory-lap at Pomfret Speedway in Connecticut.



THE RED RACECAR SERIES: for better readers, bigger stories


What's the story?

JIMMY PEARSON and his best friend Danny Houle have just survived high school. Neither has a clue what they want to do next.
Then Jimmy spots a bright-red midget racecar for sale at an auto-repair shop on the edge of town. He hasn't laid eyes on any  racecar in years, but his dad, Big Jim Pearson, was one of the best dirt-track racers around - before he lost his life on a racetrack. 
Jimmy decides that the midget is the ticket to a summer of adventure. They just have to come up with the money to buy it from its flat-broke owners, who left it behind as collateral on a debt.
But how will his mom feel about Jimmy racing after the death of his dad? And what does he really know about going fast, especially against veteran drivers already in the middle of their racing seasons, including one who's a particular pain in the butt - as well as a connection to Big Jim?

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In the meantime, you can catch some of the action from THE RED RACECAR in the

"I couldn't put it down! It definitely captures the essense of starting out racing midgets."
 - Scott Viets, Whip City Speedway champion with over 30 dirt-track victories, USAC Dirt Midget Association multiple race-winner.  

Author Thom Ring races his dirt midget at Bear Ridge Speedway in Vermont

Author Thom Ring races his dirt midget at Bear Ridge Speedway in Vermont


What's the story?

TONY STELLA is bored stiff. He lives in the Golden Acres Residential Community, an "old-folks" home he calls "the waiting room to heaven." He hates it. But he  knows where he can find some excitement; at Spring Valley Speedbowl, where he was a multi-time champion as a racecar builder and driver. He decides to build a new car - the same old way as the late models he drove to his championships. 
Knowing he's too old to drive, Tony signs Dale Hammond. The kid was rookie-of-the-year in the track's late model division - before losing the big-buck late-model ride that took him to the title.
Can the kid and the old coot team up so that Dale can avenge being dumped and Tony can avoid making bingo the most exciting thing he does all day? Can the two find common ground between the past and the future? And what's Santa got to do with it?
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In the meantime, you can read chapters one and two of DINOSAUR RACING in the "STUFF TO READ" page.

"Brilliantly written; fast-paced; action-packed; with unparalleled humor; recommended to readers who enjoy comedy, action and drama."
- Readers' Favorite

Thom at the wheel of a late model at the legendary Seekonk, Mass., Speedway

Thom at the wheel of a late model at the legendary Seekonk, Mass., Speedway


What's the story?

JASON MERLO hates those "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essays teachers always give students when a new school year begins. This year, though, he has something to write about. He finally got to go motocrossing.
Starting out in the novice class for newcomers, Jason shows how serious he is about racing. With the help of two new racing friends, he learns what it takes to go fast in this brutally demanding sport. He also proves that hard work pays off, as he gets faster almost every race.
Soon he’s running neck and neck against the fastest guys in his class, “guys” turning out to be a much more general term than he originally imagined. His success on his Honda motocrosser goes beyond even what he’d hoped for. Yet, as obsessed as Jason is with motocross, it’s a new friendship with old racer Joe Ferrucci that gives him his biggest thrill – and surprise – of the summer.

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In the meantime, you can catch some action from MOTOCROSS SUMMER in the "STUFF TO READ" page.

"A thrilling and adventure-filled book that also has some great life lessons to take away from the end of this book (a) reader may be asking for a bike!"
- Goodreads

Thom motocrossing at Pepperill, Mass., the first motocross track in North America.

Thom motocrossing at Pepperill, Mass., the first motocross track in North America.



A new collection of Thom's most noteworthy newspaper and magazine columns and features covering motor-racing in the Northeast -- as well as a few of his personal favorites --  is now available!

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The 6th Annual Rhode Island Author Expo

 —  —

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet , 60 Rhodes Place, Cranston, RI

Again this year Rhode Island authors of every genre will be signing and selling books. There will be plenty of books that will interest boys, including mine, and other sports-focused works as well as a host of fantasy-adventures for kids into that.


Auto Parts Swap ‘n Sell

 —  —

Better Living Center , Eastern States Exhibition Grounds, Springfield, MA

This will be the 40th annual "all-automotive enthusiasts'/collectors' event for the car fanatic." A nationally-recognized auto related swap meet, it features over one million pieces of parts & literature, new & used, for antique cars, street rods, NASCAR, race & competition cars. Recognized as one the best by Hemmings Motor News.

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