Indy WAY better than you know what...

I don't know how anyone could watch Sunday's Indy 500 and then NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 and come away thinking that stock cars provide better racing.

Of course, Indy cars are faster, better-handling, better braking, and - well -  better racecars in every way. Indy cars never look as if they're just falling into line the way Monster Energy Cup cars always look like they do.

C'mon, NASCAR had to force phony checkered-flags and restarts into their events just to make it look like guys were really racing. Yet the most exciting restart by far Sunday came when Indy cars had to be red-flagged because of racing conditions - actual racing conditions. And never did the likes of Alexander Rossi appear to be "falling into line."

Yeah, NASCAR's "the Great American Racing Spectacle"  and that's enough for a lot of Americans. But the Indy 500 is the Great American Race despite what NASCAR paid to get the phrase trademarked. Of course, what's more American than paying to claim you're the best? In fact, money for some folks is the only measure that counts.

But remember the slogan "Racing is the greatest way to turn money into noise." When NASCAR claims it's the best racing in America, all that is, we should remember, is more noise.

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